Our God is a Positive God

Recently, I read an article about a retired supermarket manager who published a book about shoplifting. The supposedly humorous book recalls various thieves he encounters throughout his career managing the grocery store. His goal: to shed light on larceny in the retail business and how thieves should not go unpunished. But in a nice way.Continue reading “Our God is a Positive God”


This time of year is filled with hope and joy. A wonderful season for self reflection and anticipation for celebrating Christmas. It’s also a time of year many feel isolated and depressed. I try very hard to avoid talking about sad feelings, but alas, the elephant in the room must be addressed. Depression. If depressionContinue reading “COMFORT THOSE WHO MOURN”


“Grace? She passed away 30 years ago!” was Aunt Bethany’s confused response when Clark Griswold (nephew in law) asked her to say the Christmas Blessing. After all it was her 80th Christmas and she was well deserved to do the honors. A tad reluctant, yet with a little nudging from her husband, she commenced toContinue reading “Grace”